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Bark Mulch

At Tri-Town Materials we provide our customers with Real Bark Mulch that is made from virgin materials and the finest bark  available. We haul directly from the mills with our own trailers. We haul our own products daily to ensure the freshest supply and a low price for our customers .We will be carrying 4 types of mulch this year  Hemlock, Pine Bark , Red Cedar ,Cape Cod Black Forest.


Cape Cod Black Forest


  We offer same Day delivery if
      the order is placed before 10.

         Hemlock Mulch

The one question I ask my customers do you care about your yard. I ask this because many of our new customers have never seen real bark mulch and the benefits it offers to your landscape. Real bark mulch brakes down naturally and the nutrients return to the soil and the plants around them benefit from that.If you want the best you have to buy from the best.

The Best Bark Mulch

We offer  Hemlock Pine Bark,Cape Cod Black Forest, Enhanced Red Cedar. 

red cedar.jpg

                        Red Cedar

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     Pine Bark Mulch

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