We would like to inform our customers that" all mulch is not created equal".The fact is many companies are selling wood mulch and it is the lowest grade product on the market,but it will maximize their profits .The discount mulches being offered can attract bugs such as termites,ants,and wevils,this is very bad to put next to your house.

 We want our customers to be aware that these products are made from ground wood,stumps,brush and old pallets with a dye added for the coloring.

    Here at Tri-Town Landscape Materials we do one thing and that is sell Quality. The Bark Mulches we supply contain bark and not just pure wood. We have been in the Mulch business over 20 years and we always bring our customers the best natural products direct from the mills in our own trucks at affordable prices. We only carry the best products on the market and offer them for a Great price. If  you are looking for REAL BARK MULCH you have come to the right place. If you call other suppliers and the price is much lower you already know why.